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Hannah Montana Site

Hi guys! This is my main fansite for you! I have my tour dates when and where data,and also a place where you can mail me miley cyrus. dont forget that it is also a safe website that can be used to see info. about me! I hope you have fun! P.S. Live your dreams. Live Laugh Love!      ( : Miley Cyrus : )


                                   If you would like to contact me email to miley1cyrus07.

Miley And Family

This is me and my family! I love my family.My pappy died and I wrote the song I Miss You. Alot of people started a rumor saying that I wrote that song for my mom after she died. It's not true! That was just for my show. My whole family got really upset after that. Wich goes to show that rumors are WRONG! So dont start any.

Boat rides are relaxing!

This is a photo of Jesse Mcartny and I in a boat for a tv show. I'm not really in love with him!

I love photos!

This is me and Fergie taking photos and goofing off!


This photo is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!